Do You Need Electrical Rewiring?

Do You Need Electrical Rewiring?

Staying on top of the maintenance of the wiring in your home or commercial is one of the most important safety precautions you can take. The worst-case scenario could result in a destructive fire if you don’t fix or replace the wiring when it’s needed. But how do you know if or when your building needs to be rewired? Keep reading to find out the signs.

Is the Building Old?

If your home or office building is more than. 10 or 20 years old, it’s probably a good idea to get an electrician to check your wiring. Problems can develop, and deterioration can happen. If your home was installed with an older type of wiring, this could present a safety hazard. Have a qualified electrician inspect it for safety and any potential damage.

Have You Had Any Problems with Pests?

If you’ve seen any mice or rats running around there is a good chance they might have damaged your wiring. These pets like to chew on wiring to keep their teeth sharp and short. It might sound gross, but your wiring makes perfect exercise for them. If you’re worried the wiring of your property might have been affected by pests, ensure you call your electrician to investigate.

Are Your Wires or Socket Discoloured?

A good way to tell if your wiring needs replacing is to check the colour of the wires. Older wiring might be all black, indicating that the rubber cover has broken down over time, causing unsafe conditions. If the sockets themselves are discolored, this might indicate an issue as well. It’s definitely time to call an electrician to check your wiring if you notice this discoloration.

Do Your Appliances Flicker or Turn Off?

Do you ever notice lights flickering in your home? This could be a sign of faulty wiring. It’s not just annoying – it could be dangerous. Make sure you call a trusted electrician to check out the problem.

Do Your Plugs Spark or Trip Safety Switches?

Old cable gives off warning signs that they are going bad and need replacing. If the insulation has broken away and the wires touch, you may experience sparking, blown fuses, or tripped safety switches that trip and blow again for no apparent reason. This is a serious issue and could result in a fire if you don’t give it any attention.

Rewiring work can only be done by a certified and licensed electrician, so it’s crucial to not try and fix anything yourself. If you’re located in Sydney, Jolt Electrical is your local rewiring expert. We can assess your current wiring and replace it if required at competitive prices. Give us a call to arrange an inspection today on 02 7256 7088.

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