Why Choose Jolt Electrical for Your Electrical Needs?

At Jolt Electrical, we understand that there are so many electrical services on the market that it can feel nearly impossible to choose the right one for you. If you’re based in Sydney, we believe that our small, yet experienced team can meet and exceed your expectations with our unbeatable domestic and commercial electrical expertise. Keep reading to find out why our clients agree that we’re Sydney’s number one electricians and the right…

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What Is A Smart Home?

"Smart house" is a new industry buzzword that we’re starting to hear more and more of – but what does it actually mean? Put simply, a "smart home," "connected home," or "intelligent house" is one that uses the latest electronic technologies to control or automate different aspects of the house. From light switches to sound systems and stovetops, smart homes allow you to control elements of your home at the…

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Popular Domestic Electrical Services: Pros and Cons

Electrical maintenance and modernisation are crucial in your home for safety, cost reduction, and energy efficiency. How do you separate the necessary domestic electrical work from the rest? Below you’ll find Jolt Electrical’s most common jobs and their pros and cons to help you decide what’s best for your home. Wiring and Rewiring Every house needs safe and efficient wiring. The only problem is, this can be an expensive job. If…

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Top 6 Security Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to secure a residential or commercial property, the right security system will depend on a number of unique factors. At Jolt Electrical, we specialise in talking property owners through their needs and concerns to install the best security systems for complete peace of mind. Keep reading to find out about the most common security systems and whether they’ll work for you. 1: CCTV CCTV is probably the security system…

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Eco-Smart Electricals

Did you know that Australians spend almost $50 billion on energy each year? That’s part of the reason why we’re seeing a shift of consciousness in our community toward more eco-friendly products. When it comes to electricity, there are many ways you can save energy and cut your power bills and impact the environment. Keep reading to find out how. LED Lightbulbs Switching to LED lightbulbs really does make a…

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Renovating Your Home? Don’t Forget the Electricity!

Renovating your home or building a new one is an exciting, if sometimes stressful, experience! We’re here to make sure you’ve got all your electrical bases covered. You might be surprised at just how many important elements in your home will require an electrician. Wiring Correctly wiring a new room or area is crucial. You’ll need to think about where you want power points and light sockets. A good electrician will…

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Top Tips for Saving on Rising Electrical Costs

The cost of powering our homes is getting higher, and this puts a lot of pressure on young families on a limited income. While we don’t have any control over how much electricity costs, luckily, there are ways we can save by making small adjustments around the home. Read on for our top tips on how to save on your next power bill. We think you’ll be shocked at the…

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How to be More Energy Efficient

Making your home or business more energy efficient will not only save you money on your power bill but lessen your impact on our environment. There are so many ways to improve energy efficiency on any budget! Read on to find both budget-friendly and big-ticket ideas for the home or office. Budget-Friendly Ideas Lower your thermostat Get into the habit of turning the thermostat down, particularly when no one is…

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5 Steps for a Safe DIY Electrical Inspection

If you’re not sure whether you need to call an electrician, there are safe ways to conduct a mini DIY electrical inspection. If you decide to follow these steps, make sure safety is always your top priority. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t touch it and call an electrician. With that in mind, here are our 5 tips for a safe DIY electrical inspection. Determine Any Electrical Hazards Check your home…

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An Electrical Makeover for Your Home

Making sure the electrical systems in your home are properly maintained and updated is crucial for safety and energy efficiency. What better time than the present to make sure your home is up to scratch? Keep reading for our top tips for giving your home an electrical makeover. Rewiring There are many ways to know if your home needs rewiring. If you notice discolored outlets, working electrical plugs, or cords that…

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